Aide et Questions

Why should I run?

Perhaps the question should be 'why shouldn't you run?'! The reasons are numerous and don't just start and end with the positive effects on your body. The mental and social health benefits sometimes go unrecognised, but are equally if not more important.

✓ Strengthen muscles ✓ Increase confidence and feeling of well-being

✓ Healthier bones and joints ✓ Better quality sleep

✓ Improve cardiovascular fitness ✓ Help manage stress / anxiety

✓ Help maintain a healthy weight ✓ Live longer

Is it going to hurt?

Definitely not! The first couple of times you run might be quite tough as your body will not be used to it, but each session will incorporate a combination of walking and running, and you will work to your own pace, progressing only when comfortable for you. This is not a bootcamp!

What will each session be like?

It will last around 30-45 minutes in total, typically beginning with a briefing around the structure for that day, followed by a warm-up, then the session itself (involving walking and some running) and finishing with a warm-down and some light stretching. You're then welcome to join us afterwards for a coffee in the club house.

Will I feel out of place?

It's only natural to feel nervous, particularly before your first session, but you really don't need to be concerned. Our Way to 5k course is structured with absolute beginners in mind and to accommodate varying abilities - any running that you do will be at a pace that is comfortable for you. The group is fun and inclusive and by the time we sit down for a coffee afterwards, you'll wonder what you were so worried about!

What do I need to bring with me?

One of the brilliant things about running is that you don't need lots of expensive equipment to start out. Just a t-shirt, shorts or jogging bottoms and a pair of trainers. If the weather is a little cooler, you might want to also wear a long sleeve / tracksuit top or lightweight jacket. If rain is forecast, consider a change of clothes for afterwards. Lastly, bring a small bottle of water and a snack for afterwards.

Should I eat / drink beforehand?

You should come to each session well-hydrated and fed. Eat a light meal 2-3 hours beforehand and if necessary, a snack such as a banana about an hour before.

What and where is Kingdom?

Kingdom is a 13 acre woodland in Penshurst, Kent, incorporating a clubhouse with cafe and fitness trail. The space is best described as tranquil and the views are amazing!

Do you run in all weathers?

Rain or shine, Way to 5K will take place! A session will only be cancelled if it is unsafe to run e.g. in very icy conditions.

How much running will I be doing each week other than during the session?

You will need to run on 2 additional occasions, but don't worry, you will be given guidance on what those runs should look like as you progress through the course.