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How Buzznative and Taboola made my week

Some can argue the importance to recognise women leadership and entrepreneurs only once a year on the 8th of March.

Yet for me this week has been terrific since that day on Monday with 4 key enablers : people, trust, agility and efficiency. PEOPLE : A big THANK YOU @Julien Hatton from Buzznative to have put me in contact with @Yves Real from Taboola, for the Taboola #RecommendHER campaign. It has been accepted, signed and on air as you read.

I will be able from now on to track and measure impact on sales of this digital campaign. It will also provide great learnings. We all did it so quicky and smoothly with TRUST - Estelle Mostowski has been granted access to my website and knew exactly how to calibrate this campaign, AGILITY as we all took it on top of the busy schedule and found availabilities. EFFICIENCY - we just did it, myself based in Paris and them in London !

I have been truly impressed by the team and look forward to collaborating with them again. Rain is showing up again this weekend ! Lucky me.

#teamwork #startup #digital

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