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Umbrellas from le Parapluitier and Persona : what is the link ?

The definition of persona is in user-centered design and marketing a fictional character created to represent a user type that might use a site, brand, or product in a similar way. Well it happens my Le Parapluitier persona could be defined in two words - style and care. He/she is always looking for the perfect accessory to define its mood of the day / character / type of day and care for luxury finish, feeling protected and comfy with a purpose of helping this know how last. Thanks to umbrellas, I have only met so far people with whom I have such a pleasure to talk about umbrella memories, style, fashion, know-how and get their support. Apparently I am not insisting enough that some models are only in limited editions such as the Fuligule and Valentine, hand-made with Italian luxury fabrics and French shafts and handles some of which don’t exist anymore. I let you define your persona. Yet mine is close to Aymée, Les chaussettes rouges, Cerise and many others.

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